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Lloyd Marx - My Passion

Red Cabrio

In 1963 when I left high school & started an apprenticeship, I worked for Cable-Price Corporation, who were at the time the New Zealand Distributors for Mercedes. My work was in the vehicle repair side of the workshop until 1969, then my wife & I moved to Australia for two years where I worked for one of the Mercedes Agents out of Sydney; this is probably where my passion for the Classic Model Mercedes really began.

Upon returning to New Zealand I was offered the job of workshop foreman back at Cable-Price Corporation. After working there for several years and a couple of different challenges in other jobs, the opportunity to open a repair workshop for myself became a reality.

The Automotive Workshop was a success and over the years Restoration played a minor roll compared to the day-to-day work. However this was to change as during the 1990's people were wanting to restore their beloved 113 SL back to it's former glory. This is about the time that John became more involved in the restoration side of the business. Over the preceding years restoration work was carried out in conjunction with the day-to-day automotive workshop. However the demand for restoration workspace made it necessary to open a fulltime independent Restoration Workshop this was done in 2000. Then in 2007 the Automotive Workshop was sold so John and I could concentrate solely on the restoration of Classic Mercedes Cars.

In the 1980's I bought a 111 Coupe after some deliberation I decided to restore the vehicle. This was my first major restoration since then I have restored a 1963 111 Cabriolet for personal use.

We have restored many 113 SLs, several 111 Coupes, 190SLs & 1950's Roundies; most of have been 'bare metal' restorations.

In February 2008 we completed the restoration of a 1957 Mercedes 300SL Roadster.

The owner of this Roadster shipped the car to Sonoma California USA to partake in the Mercedes 300SL Roadster & Gullwing Convention held in September 2008.

The Roadster won 'Best Show 300SL Roadster'.

We are currently now restoring a 1956 Aluminium Gullwing and another 1957 Mercedes 300SL Roadster.

The need for perfection & patience is a pre requisite in the preparation and restoration of vehicles that are refurbished to their former graciousness.

John Gini - What I love to do

My association with Lloyd Marx Ltd began in 1988. At that time a position became available and I was offered a job to assist an existing staff member in keeping up with engine overhauls on Mercedes cars.

Coming from 7 years experience as an Automotive Machinist I found working on 0Mercedes engines gave me an appreciation of the quality of materials and engineering used in their manufacture.

I was given the opportunity to undertake an adult apprenticeship and became qualified as an ‘A’ Grade Technician while gaining experience working on Mercedes vehicles.

Lloyd’s passion for Classic Mercedes and restoration work become infectious. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to be involved in the complete restoration of a number of 113 SL & 111 coupes. Over the years this lead to fulltime work for me as Lloyd’s reputation for quality of Workmanship and servicing of 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s Mercedes became known.

I still enjoy the challenges of restoring the older beauties of Yesteryear even after 20 years. It is really a pleasure to see the cars return to the workshop for general servicing after the completion of restoration work - it is then that you really appreciate the beauty of the Classic Marque.

Concours winners

Some cars that we have restored have been entered in the 'Master Class' and 'Teams Event' at the Ellerslie InterMarque Concours d'Elegance held in New Zealand. All cars entered have placed in the top three and the winning vehicles have achieved the 'highest points'. This is New Zealand's foremost Classic Car Show.

See Classic Car website for features on some of our Restorations: 300SL Roadster 1957.